About Warsaw

Warsaw is the largest city of Poland, located in the heart of the country, with population estimated at over 1.7 million people. It’s an important economic hub in Central Europe, the city itself is also known as the “phoenix city” due to many wars it has survived throughout the history- it has been rebuilt after World War II, when 85% of its buildings were destroyed.


Whether you come to Warsaw on a business trip, for a conference, or as a tourist, Warsaw has everything that a modern European capital has to offer. Dynamic and stable business environment, historic and modern meeting facilities, vibrant cultural life and green space covering a quarter of the city- the number of possibilities will exceed your expectations!


The city offers the unique blend of past and present- the modern skyscrapers contrast with historical buildings and just outside the Central Train Station, the Palace of Culture and Science is right next to the modern Golden Terraces shopping center. Among the most notable places to visit, you can’t miss the Royal Castle, the Market Square, Center for Modern Art, National Museum and Heavens of Copernicus.