About Poland

Situated in the center of Europe, Poland has managed to become one of the most promising countries in the region during last few years. Its history is tragic and beautiful at the same time; there have been periods of independence and glory as well as ones of domination by other nations- million of Polish people died due to the World War II. In 1989 Poland became the very first of the eastern European countries to overthrow Communist rule thanks to the Solidarity Trade Union movement. Next years were natural consequence of a new chosen path- in 1999 Poland joined NATO and European Union in 2004, as a result, greatly helping the economy and making close bonds with western countries as never before.


Nowadays Poland is developing quickly and offering much to everyone who visits it- for businessman, it’s a great place to do business, for tourists, it’s a fantastic place for sightseeing. Dedicated history fans are welcome to visit the carefully restored complexes of old Polish cities, including the royal castles in Warsaw and Cracow, Poland’s former capital, which survived the Second World War intact. Numerous museums are waiting in every major city, some of them, which are truly unique- like underground medieval, salt mine in Wieliczka near Cracow, or Heavens of Copernicus in Warsaw.


Nature lovers will enjoy the beaches of the Baltic Sea in the North and the rocky peaks of the Tatra Mountains in the south. Water sports fans will love the Great Masurian Lakes and hikers will feel happy on the Bieszczady trails, amidst the wilderness of that green mountain range. They may encounter a bison, Europe’s biggest animal, living in its natural habitat that occupies a part of the Białowieża primeval forest, or raft through Dunajec Gorge. Brave hikers can climb to the tops of shifting sand dunes in the Słowiński National Park, which is the only such place in this part of Europe.


In the homeland of the pianists Chopin and Penderecki, enthusiasts of the arts will find a rich calendar of cultural events. The highlights of Polish music seasons are the Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival in Warsaw, the Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow, Warsaw Autumn- International Festival of Contemporary Music and the worldwide-known Chopin International Piano Competition, along with numerous smaller art festivals and meetings.


If you believe that tasting regional specialties is a good way of getting to know the nation’s culture, then eating out in Poland is the best choice you can make. Sample delicious roast duck with apples, or various kinds of dumplings (stuffed with fresh cabbage and wild mushrooms, meat, cottage cheese or blueberries) and be tempted by a rich selection of soups. Poland is also famous for its selection of honeys and vodka, so tasting Żubrówka (bison grass vodka) or krupnik (honey based alcohol) is simply a must.